Why are some marketers more successful than others? Is it that they are smarter? Do they have a secret sauce? Are they just in the right place at the right time, surrounded by the right people?

After years in corporate marketing and now operating Marketing Eye Dallas, I've seen some exceptional marketers and a few others who I'm surprised can even call themselves a marketer. So what separates a wannabe marketer from someone who is really effective?  

Here are the fundamentals that all exceptional marketers live by to be successful at their craft.
6 Traits Your Marketer Must Have

1. Passion for marketing

Without passion you have nothing. If you don't believe in your work, then it is impossible to ever be successful. By having passion for marketing, you become the early adopter of a new marketing technology, technique or way in which to do something better. At Marketing Eye Dallas we try new technologies out on our own firm first, work out the kicks and then introduce them to our clients.

With the ever-changing state of marketing and technology, education is paramount to marketing success.  Not only is our team reading every day on what is new and changing, we also learn from some of the brightest in the industry so we stay abreast of the latest marketing channels and trends.

2. Creativity

Creativity isn't just about art. It is about thinking outside the box, and delivering upon business goals in the most innovative and creative way possible. Having worked with all sized firms and having owned several businesses, I've learned to think of creative solutions for even the toughest marketing challenges. If you have zero dollars to play with, a creative marketer can still execute an effective and impactful multimillion dollar marketing campaign.

3.  Technology-savvy

No marketer can get by without understanding how technology supports and powers marketing campaigns. Not only is technology a necessity for reaching audiences, it impacts time spent on campaigns and determining that campaign's success. There is literally thousands of options out there. A good marketer knows their stuff and is aware of what marketing technologies are must-haves and which ones to leave by the wayside.

4.  Breadth of Business Knowledge

Marketing is one piece of a business puzzle and cannot operate in isolation of operation, sales, finance, human resources and others business functions. It is important that you marketer understands how each business function impacts the other and how marketing campaigns can influence or can be influenced by the business as a whole.

5.  Exceptional communication skills

An exceptional marketer has communication skills that every other marketer envies. Not only must the marketer be able to properly message and communicate to the buyer, they must often times get internal buy-in from the business as a whole. All successful marketers know how to write an email that gets results, write content that draws interest, and verbally communicate to people across the entire organization in an empowering way.

6.  Surround themselves with people that are more capable than themselves

Highly successful marketers, and I am talking HIGHLY successful marketers are smart. They use their intelligence and know-how to source the right people for their team. It is almost impossible for one person to be strong at all facets of marketing.  That's why a good marketer s selects a team with strengths that offset her own.  They work collaboratively and reward the team along the way for small wins. Every team member has their back and is doing their utmost to make the "highly successful marketer" proud of their contribution to the team.

A highly successful marketer stands out from the crowd and helps ensure that their clients do as well.  They plan, execute, evaluate and adapt as the market and buyers change. 
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