The holidays can be a stressful time of the year for many in regards to figuring out what to buy as presents for coworkers.  It is often up for debate as to what is considered an appropriate gift, and the goal of this blog is to provide you with a couple gift ideas that are always guaranteed to bring a smile to your coworkers faces regardless of who they are.  The key to a corporate gift is finding something that is not inappropriately expensive, while at the same time not being so inexpensive that people will look upon you as being cheap. You also want your gift to be of value to whoever you are giving it to, so each gift should be able to appeal to a wide variety of people.  A good gift is something that your coworker will actually use and hopefully will bring light to their life during the holidays. Here are 6 gifts that will surely fit all the characteristics of a good gift.

6 Great Ideas for Corporate Holiday Gifts

1) A Nice Box of Chocolate

A box of chocolates is never a bad idea.  This gift shows thoughtfulness and any coworker is guaranteed to enjoy and appreciate it.  Even if the direct employee that you are giving it to does not like chocolate, he or she surely will have a friend, family member, or significant other that is sure to love this gift.  You can never go wrong with this gift.

2) Steak

Before going through with this one, I would make sure your coworkers are not vegetarians, but if they are not, providing them with a nice meal is a great way to show appreciation for them and brighten their mood.

3) A Good Bottle of Olive Oil

This one is a really great gift.  No matter who you are, everybody uses olive oil for any number of reasons.  A nice bottle of gourmet olive oil for your coworkers will surely be both used and thoroughly enjoyed.  

4) Dinner on You

Take all of your coworkers out to dinner at the same time and pay for the meal.  Not only will you be giving them a fun night out all together and away from work, but you’ll also be giving them a good meal at the same time, something that will surely be appreciated by everyone.

5) An Amazon Gift Card

How much you put on the gift card is really up to you, but regardless of the amount, your coworkers will surely be grateful for this gift.  You are giving them the ability to spend money on something they want, meaning that they are sure to use and enjoy whatever item they spend the gift card on.  This is another one that you can never go wrong with.

6) A Decorative Wreath

During the holiday season, everybody loves to decorate their houses with different themed accessories.  One great universal decoration is a wreath, and will surely bring holiday spirit to whoever you are gifting it too.  No matter who it is, your coworker will surely love this gift and be excited to hang it up around their home.

Written by Nick Giordano
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