In life it is so easy to get stressed about what is happening right in front of us. The baby needs a sitter, the dog needs to go to the vet, your mom needs to be picked up from the airport etc. When you are stressed out, what kind of words are you using in your mind? Are they positive words or negative words?
5 Ways You Talk to Yourself

If you answered with the latter, you are definitely not alone. In fact, most people tend to speak negatively to themselves when life gets cluttered. Self-Talk, by definition, is a way to override our negative programming by erasing or replacing it with positive, new directions. Wouldn’t it be nice to live a life of active intent as opposed to passive acceptance?

If you are curious about changing the way you speak to yourself, it is important to know the different levels of the self-talk process.

Here are the 5 different levels of self-talk:  

The Level of Negative Acceptance

This is the most harmful level of self talk. This is when you say something negative about yourself, to yourself, and accept it as being true. If you are at this level, you might use phrases such as “I can’t”, or “I just don’t have the energy I used to”. This level makes us to settle for mediocracy.

The Level of Recognition and Need for Change

This is the stage where you admit that you have a problem, but are not providing yourself any solutions to fix it. If you are in this stage, you might say things such as “I need to...”, I ought to...”, or “I should...” Just because you say “I just have to lose some weight!” doesn't mean you are going to start going to the gym and eating better. At this stage, when you don’t do the things you said you wanted to, you create guilt over your subconscious.

The Level of Decision to Change

This is a good level to be at as in this stage you recognize a problem, have decided to do something about it, and speak of it in present tense as if the changes have already taken place. You begin saying phrases such as  “I no longer get angry in traffic”, or “I never overeat.” You are replacing the old negative “cannot” mentality with a positive “get moving” attitude for your subconscious.

The Level of The Better You

This is the most beneficial level. It is also the level that is used the least, but needed the most. This is the level when you tell your subconscious who you want to be, and actively work on becoming that person every day.  You know you have reached this stage when you start saying things such as, “I am organized and in control of my life”, or I am healthy, active, and can handle anything!” As opposed to dwelling in the past, at this level, you see challenges as an opportunity to overcome and grow.

The Level of Universal Affirmation

This is a level most people never reach. It the level of unity of spirit that gives meaning to our life purpose. At this level, you believe you manifest your destiny through the energy you put out into the world. With positive thoughts and ambitions, comes success. With negative thoughts and self-pity, comes ultimate failure. At this level, you might believe “I am one with the universe, and it is one with me. I exist in a world of divine goodness.”

Start today by replacing your negative Level 1 and 2 self-talk with Level 3 and 4’s positive practices. Start listening to the words you say to yourself. If they are negative, turn them around and start using self-talk that works for you.

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