It’s true, business development and sales jobs aren't for everyone. To be successful in a sales role, the right person has to have a certain level of competitiveness within them.

5 Tips for Being a More Successful Sales Professional

The difference between a good sales reps and great ones depends on a combination of their mental perspective and daily habits. Whether you are just starting your sales career or have been at it for years, here are five ways to be better at your job:

Believe in what you sell:
Think about it. If you don’t see the need for the product or service you’re selling, why will anyone else? To be more effective, try integrating the product or service into your own life and throwing your personal experiences into your sales pitch. Sell them the story of WHY they need it. If you feel iffy about what you are selling, collect positive testimonials from your customers.

Stop taking things personally
Like any career that relies on other people, working in sales can be an emotional rollercoaster because people change their mind. You will have a game-changing lead verbally commit one day, and they will completely bail on you the next. It can be exhausting. Avoid taking rejection personally to keep a driven and positive work ethic. Otherwise, you will get bogged down, and your performance will reflect it.

Talk like a normal human
Stop reading off of your script. Sure, follow the main points as a guideline if you need too, but people tend to be much more comfortable when you hold a conversational tone with them as opposed to a pitch.

Don’t listen solely to give a response
Building a relationship with your current and potential clients is one of the most useful tricks in sales. To accomplish this, you need to stop being a robot and sincerely listen to what your prospects are saying. Listen to what their wants and needs are and personalize the sales pitch to meet those needs.  

Follow up
Your prospects are busy, and if you don’t make an effort to follow up with them, they will surely forget about you. Check in via email and give them a phone call until it's apparent they’ve gone cold on you. You will be surprised by how many prospects will become customers merely because they admire and appreciate your efforts!

While each of these habits will help you to become a more effective salesperson, nothing will help you if your employer isn't setting you up for success. If your company could benefit from restructuring critical messaging, designing a more impressive sales presentation, or aligning the goals of marketing and sales to generate more qualified leads, check out Marketing Eye. Our team of professionals will host a free 30-minute consultation to help your business drastically improve sales. Call us to set up your meeting today!

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