If you thought email marketing was dead, think again. To show the modern value of email marketing ,Adestra completed a study measuring consumer opinions and behavior when it comes to email. The researchers surveyed more than 1,200 respondents, from teenagers to Baby Boomers and asked how they interacted with, and think about, the email messages they receive.

Here are just a few important facts taken from this study:

  • 43% of consumers give a real email address when they come to a website that asks for an email before continuing
  • 80% of consumers (across all demos) actually unsubscribe from emails they no longer wish to receive
  • 59% of consumers leave an email unread if they plan to read it later, 33% flag it
It goes without saying that spammy emails are not going to get read, they will be blocked and you will not have a successful campaign.

Buying lists are unreliable and legally you can't email people who have not willingly given you their email address.  

Here is what your need to do to ensure a successful email marketing campaign.
4 Email Marketing Tactics That Get Results

1. Opt-In Strategies

There are basically two ways to get people to opt-in to your email list.

First, is "ask" people to subscribe. You can do this in-person when you meet people and get their business card, or have them sign-up on a list at an event or trade show.  Your website is another great 'ask' location, encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletters and updates.

The second, is the "require" method.  With this method you "gate" premium content offers like industry e-books, reports and customer case studies. Gating content refers to requiring a user to submit demographic information via a form prior to receiving content. This is a very effective way to increase your database, especially if you have premium content offers.

2. Develop Lead Magnets and Enticing Content

People will be more likely to share their email with you if you develop premium content or send valuable offers. If you share what your target market wants - whether it’s downloads, discounts or educational content - they will more likely share their email with you, read your emails and in-turn share your emails with their friends or colleagues.

3. Tools to Share

Give people the tools to share. Don’t forget to add a “Forward to a Friend” link or social media sharing buttons within each email so people are encouraged to pass it on.  Your list can grow exponentially just through sharing.

4. Stay Consistent

Have you ever signed up with a business to get a premium discount never to hear from the business again.  Or worse, sign up just to be inundated with emails filled with useless offers.

Stay consistent.  If all you have time to develop is monthly content that is truly valuable to your audience, then stick with that.

Email marketing can be very effective, you just need to ensure your emails have value to your target market.  If you find you are receiving many opt-outs decide if you are sending the right offers and message to the correct target market.  Sometimes segmenting your email groups can help improve the success of your email campaigns.

Lead Generation is such an important success factor for any small business. Email marketing fits into the mix, but you will want to have a comprehensive strategy to get the most out of all your marketing efforts. 
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