Aug 17, 2017 Written by  Brice Bradshaw
While some of us grew up with a realized natural talent, such as art or singing, others simply had to navigate towards a possible strength and exploit it as a career. And by others, I mean me. There’s a stark difference between the two, so which one are you hiring? Let’s take a further look:
Hard Work & Talent Go Hand In Hand

I grew up in a family full of talent, which always made me question my relation to the family, as I seemingly had no true talents. I say that somewhat jokingly, but also with some truth. My older siblings had instant value and direction in their careers due to natural, raw talent. Nothing was earned or worked for, you could just simply watch them and notice their real talent.

So this always made me ponder, what should I do??? I knew that I was intelligent and certainly confident, but clueless as to my direction. As I went through college I started to realize some strengths I had naturally, such as talking and sociability. By the point when I had to make a decision and pick my major, I ended up choosing a degree closely aligned with these strengths, marketing.  

I knew that even though colleges and their professors boasted about the great jobs you’d get, it was all fluff. It wasn’t the degree that would ultimately get me where I want to be. In fact, it was hard work and a continuous focus on crafting a useful skill-set for the marketing world. I worked my way up from a door-to-door salesman to an inside sales executive, and eventually where I am now as a Marketing Executive.

All this hard work to get to the place I’ve yearned for, for years. Then I take a look and see family members and friends I’ve known for years effortlessly build careers with their raw talent. Although it seems unfair at times in my mind, I know that there is a definite middle ground where both sides meet.

True talent can only go as far as the hard work behind it. Just as I see people around me fall into dream positions with their talent, I also watched them slip out of those positions just as easily by not working hard enough on their talents.

Final thoughts, I believe that individuals, such as myself, can ultimately craft strengths and skills into talents, or as close to them as possible. Natural talent is natural talent, but hard work is what will keep both naturally talented individuals and savvy individuals afloat in today’s wild workplace.

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